The Brief

Urban Striker & 34 created and managed the Absolut Black Box events, which showcased transformative art through four different disciplines of art including photography, fashion, street art and music. The consumer got to completely immerse themselves into an artists reality.

Absolut Vodka



The campaign kicked off with brand activations taking place in the top 20 key outlets across the country where consumers stepped into the Absolut Black Box, put on a head set which transported them into an artists reality making them the drummer in a band, a graffiti artist or a photographer on set. These activations ended in an invite-only event being hosted in Cape Town and Johannesburg where we had 4 Black boxes that consumers could experience.  Consumers could take photos in a gravity room with Stu Shapiro, spray their own canvas with Falko, or learn to play in a band.  A live fashion show took place throughout the evening but back stage was front and centre. The event brought the virtual reality to life.


Great feedback from all involved!

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