The Brief

Attempt to break a Guinness World Record to showcase Castle Lager’s brand positioning that the beer brings South Africans together to celebrate National Braai Day.

Castle Lager



Urban Striker & 34 hosted a large-scale braai event in Cape Town at SAB Newlands on National Braai Day with 1500 people attending, and 900 consumers participating in the Guinness World Record attempt. We also managed the same event in Durban on the same day with over 3500 consumers. The logistics and planning to meet the Guinness World Record criteria was very detailed, and controlling such a large amount of consumers and getting them to follow instructions was challenging, yet a great success.


The collective effort of Urban Striker and 34 resulted in the Guinness World Record for the Most People Braaiing Simultaneously across 5 locations being broken at the branded events. This cemented Castle Lager’s brand positioning as the beverage that brings people together around a braai. The Cape Town regional Experiential Events team benchmarked this event as one of the best run events at SAB.

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