The Brief

Create a magical space during holiday period that both kids and parents will love, which will encourage sampling and engagement with the brand and ultimately drive sales.


2015 & 2016


Consumers had to purchase a Lindt Teddy 100g at either the mall activation or at any participating retailer. Consumers were then given the opportunity to do the following fun activities with their Lindt Teddy 100g at the mall activations:

  • Personalize Lindt Teddy collars with a name or short message.
  • Kids were encouraged to write letters to Santa and then post them in the physical mailbox.
  • Decorate their Lindt Teddy with edible paint and other fun decorating items.


There was a boost in the total number of Lindt Teddies sold per region: 652 in Cape Town; 654 in Johannesburg and 1 009 in KwaZulu-Natal.

Consumers of all ages loved the personalisation of their Lindt Teddy.

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