The Brief

Carver’s Weiss launched into the market in September 2016 and wanted to ensure that the maximum number of consumers sampled the new product. They also wanted to position the beverage as a drink to be enjoyed and shared with friends at a chilled Sunday lunch. The key focus of this campaign was to encourage consumers to enjoy this beverage with friends over lunch.

Carver’s Weiss



Urban Striker developed the concept of Carver’s Table events – long, lazy Sunday lunches where friends come together and spend an afternoon sharing tapas style food and Carver’s Weiss while enjoying a live set by Majozi. We hosted three intimate events nationally, with 100 guests per region at an exclusive venue. Every little detail was planned, from the design and production of the Carver’s Tables to the crockery and cutlery used on these tables. Branded table games were produced to keep guests entertained, and to encourage conversation and sharing amongst friends. Guests got to personalize their their own wooden serving paddle with live laser etching.


All events ran into the early hours of the evening, so what we created was the ultimate, timeless Sunday lunch where consumers met and made new friends while sharing Carver’s Weiss.

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