The Brief

Bring the tale of Savanna Blackbeard to life through a series of experiential activations where consumers interact with the pirate crew, in the hope of being given the opportunity to get their hands on Blackbeard to taste the golden liquid.

Savanna Blackbeard



Our Pirate crew consisting of Blackbeard the Pirate, a trickster, palm reader, tarot card reader and tattoo artists took over on con outlets and gave consumers the opportunity to unlock the treasure chest to see if they were one of the chosen ones.  A pirate head installation was placed at some key outlets for an additional photo opportunity for social interaction.


Consumers were transported into this pirate world, being tricked by our magician and having their fortunes read, and most importantly managing to get their hands on the golden liquid.  We implemented 45 experiential activations across 3 regions.

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